To achieve what you want, you may have to do stuff against your wish, and to fight those who stand against you.. you must beat their fire with your fire.

How is the game a liar? not gonna spoil anything but those shadows are shady *wink wink*


It's a puzzle game focused on unique mechanics.


  • Space : Expands your nose.
  • LeftArrow / A : Move left.
  • RightArrow / D : Move right.
  • R : Restart game.

Software used:

  • Unity
  • Photoshop & Sai2
  • LMMS


  • All the assets are made by me except music (Shout out to R.U.S.E 35).
  • I will be grateful if you finish entire game, it will take maximum of 15min.
  • Please provide constructive criticism in the comments.


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Lieception.zip 26 MB
LieceptionLinux.zip 32 MB
LieceptionMac.app.zip 31 MB


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Cool game but would be nice if there was a checkpoint around the underground part

sorry for down voting i just did it since i disagree

titan gamma strickin in real hot 'o'

Sorry commented that cuz of cheer boredom 😂


I really like how this felt like a bite sized, vertical slice of the  getting over it/qwop style genre -- and really liked the "gotcha" moment up near the end. I really loved the ending segment, the final message is PHENOMENAL haha. Really enjoyed my time. <3

Thanks alot for playing and covering my game, you're amazing :)

Nice game bro ,  

 Nose idea is great . 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

great and frustrating game! :D

thanks for playing :D

This game is amazing


An interesting concept and execution of the theme "Lying". I like the basic mechanics that made the easy to play and a tad challenging. (I HECKING HATE THE WINDMILLS, btw)

I love the concept, a bit too hard though as there's no checkpoint, or at least for what I've played in around 5 minutes. Was hard in the beginning but by getting used to the mechanic it gets fun :)

Very nice little game

Nice Cool game ... inspired by getting over it .. I think..

Check out my game too...https://sashbros.itch.io/games-dont-lie

thanks & no its not but its certainly similar :)

ill definitely check out your game!

Yeah thanks mate :)